The square meter of love

How do you find a place called home? Most of the people wonder how they will ever find a place to stay for a longer time. Because we follow the pursuit of happiness, it feels impossible to create a home, it´s like a never ending source of restlessness.

We search for undiscovered places, we want the adventure of unknown experiences and we are thirsty for knowledge. Do we really expect us to find a place to stay with all these unanswered questions in our mind, all the impressions of far places and all the experiences that haven´t been made so far?

The feeling that we might miss an instant moment from the great idea of being special drives us crazy. With all the options we´ve never had before we want to change everything and be totally happy. Not only happy in a satisfied way. We try to suck the happiness out of a bottle that is named life.

Happiness is not a longer a description, it becomes an attitude to treat ourselves and to live life to it´s fullest.

I´ve heard a psychologist say, that our energy levels are raising and that life is getting faster, so most people have a problem with this change. They feel like they live their life standing next to the entire happening, just see life passing. That’s one thing I admit, I´ve felt before. Fortunately the problems we create vanish more quickly in the same way, because of the increasing pace of energetic vibes.

Anyways, we search for a place of peace, where we can rest and recover from the high energetic draw of life. So what do you think is your ´recovery station´? Your family, your friends, your home, your job, your partner or is it just yourself that calms you down and gives you a positive spin? I know precisely when I think about my parent’s house, I do have this special feeling in my belly. It´s more a sensation of satisfaction and bliss that my parents care for me and want to protect me from the rest of the world.

So as we are all full-grown humans, we can´t stay forever with them but we need to find something similar that gives us the same feeling of protection and love.

What about a recovery station to go? One you can take with you, one that is not bound to places, times nor circumstations?

I was wondering this morning how a guy can give me the absolutely protected- loved-home feeling. If the surface of his body is the place I want to lie on, sleep on, eat from and spend my life on it, my presumption the world is my home can be annulated by the feeling I have with him. Compare the surface of the world to the surface of his body and you will find that ridiculous answer. One square meter of love is the answer to my longings and restlessness.

The square meter could be anything. If you love to sit on your mat and practice yoga or meditation, or you love your cozy armchair after a hard day at work, or et even might be your bed, where you have this amazing view at the trees. It could be anything you want, but everybody should have a place to rest and recharge from our hectic life. If you don’t have one, make yourself one. Start thinking about a place where you can spend hours in peace and where your mind calms.

Home is where your heart is

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