Change yourself before the world changes you

We must become the change we wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Ghandi

When thinking about a change we need to consider two things. The first one is, you need to ask yourself if you really want to do it and the second is why you want to change yourself. If the first question is yes, the second is oblige to answer. Do you want to change because you want to fit in a society that you think its meant for you, that you want to fit in? Or you want to prove your family, your partner, your chef that you can be someone else?

Start thinking about why you want to change. Accept new challenges to develop your skills, to grow with the upcoming task and to discover a so far unknown site of yourself. We must listen to our inner voice what is it telling us and then we need to follow. One of my favorite quotes is “and later on, when so many roads open up before you, you dont know which to take, dont pick one at random; sit down and wait. Breathe deeply, trustingly, the way you breathed on the day when you came into the world, don´t let anything distract you, wait and wait some more. Stay still, be quiet, and listen to your heart. Then when it speaks, get up and go where it takes you.

LoveYogaFoodExplore: My heart tells me to help people where help is needed, to spread love that comes from the bottom of my heart. I leave home, friends, my safe job and the most important: my comfort zone in order to follow my inner call. Yoga will help me to calm my mind and focus on the my energy. Healthy food will make my body become stronger and last longer in difficult moments. Without knowing where to go next, I will follow the never ending pursuit to explore and this will take me to various countries I´ve never been before and that I´ve only know from stories.


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