About LYFE



Spread Love.

In times where love is a huge word between two people we sometimes forget that love and charity are close. We all care for our beloved partner, children, family and friends, but why don´t we think about those people who really need chare and love? Let´s change our point of view and let´s invest a small amount of our time, money and humanity. What is this small amount compared to your lifetime?

This act of helping satisfies a lot and will change your mind, improve your life and goes along with a huge amount of positive energy.

Try it- it will work.


Do Yoga.

Yoga helps me to keep my mind calm, strengthen my body and helps me to control my energy in a very positive way. I don´t say do it right away and I don´t want to convince anybody to practise, but for my part I can say it helps me. This ancient way of life will accompany my way through different countries and might help me to find a place to stay once in a while. The good you do, comes back to you.


Discover healthy Food.

It´s well known that eating healthy goes along with a lot of positives effects. What the most people don’t know is that traveling and food goes along quiet good. Most people want to eat cheap and just go and buy the first thing they can get. But with a bit of creativity and curiosity you can get inspired from food markets and learn from the locals to prepare food. Get inspired from recipes around the globe, easy to find, easy to prepare, and so tasty.


Start to Explore.

I love the word explore, it combines so many awesome associations in seven letters. It´s more a way of thinking and a mind-set than anything else. It tells to stay curious, never to rest, to keep questioning yourself and find new answers to the same questions. Exploration is not only a word that backpackers use, it´s an attitude people learn when they open up for new things. So why just crossing this beautiful river on the same bridge every day on your way to your job, why not jumping in it and experience the taste of freedom? Think different, start to explore.


Lyfe is a synonym for life and means that all this four aspects are always involved in our daily routine. We all give love, we all eat every day, we all have a way to calm ourselves or do sports and we all are a bit curious what it means to discover something new. So discover LYFE with me. Get inspired and inspire me.

LYFE is a quest!!

In September my big quest starts to become reality. I will pack my bags, quit my job and leave my family and friends behind to follow my inner call. I want to help people in the world. My quest is support people where help is needed. I will work for social projects like German Doctors on the Philippines or dentists without limits in Nepal or do educational work at orphanages in Cambodia, teach english in Vietnam and work in sanctuaries for animals like the orangutan sanctuary on Borneo. Furthermore some projects are planned in Namibia, India, Myanmar and Indonesia. I know it´s goanna take a while but with the endurance of a stubborn woman and the conviction that the first step to change is to start with yourself, I want to help and spread love.

To keep my mind calm and my body healthy I will start practising yoga every day and I am aiming to become a yoga teacher at some point. This daily routine might be the most challenging task of all four parts. I am a kind of person that is always looking for a challenge and I do have discipline but the word daily means every day and this can be tiring after a while. But as I know from my own experience yoga takes a while to expand in it´s full size. To experience the full effect of calmness, changing body texture and the increasing energy despite you feel tired after the sessions. So I will start practising yoga every day right away and will let you know about the succeed. The peak will be the yoga teacher training with 8-10 hours of practise every single day, 6 days a week. I will face my own limits and dive deep in the yoga wisdom.

I wouldn´t say food is one of the most important things in life for me but as my friends back home love to cook and do amazing drinks I am down to do my own smoothie line and love cooking. We are all a pack of creative guys specialized in different ways, when it comes to food. So check out the webpage: www.spoonfights.com to get an idea o fit. I do love vegetarian food because I do use way more spices to prepare it than on meat or non-vegetarian food. Anyways healthy-vegan-ecologic-food is on so I want to experiment with new ingredients from Asia and share my wisdom with posts.

Start travel-start to explore. Change your point of view and let your self get inspired by some crazy ideas to let the routine go and do something crazy without moving to the states and climb on the H of Hollywood frame.



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