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The square meter of love

How do you find a place called home? Most of the people wonder how they will ever find a place to stay for a longer time. Because we follow the pursuit of happiness, it feels impossible to create a home, it´s like a never ending source of restlessness.

We search for undiscovered places, we want the adventure of unknown experiences and we are thirsty for knowledge. Do we really expect us to find a place to stay with all these unanswered questions in our mind, all the impressions of far places and all the experiences that haven´t been made so far?

The feeling that we might miss an instant moment from the great idea of being special drives us crazy. With all the options we´ve never had before we want to change everything and be totally happy. Not only happy in a satisfied way. We try to suck the happiness out of a bottle that is named life.

Happiness is not a longer a description, it becomes an attitude to treat ourselves and to live life to it´s fullest. The square meter of love weiterlesen